Drop us a line at volunteer@cvdrivingclub.com to get on the list! We need you!

Volunteers are the life blood of CVDC Events — such as the June driving trial.  Volunteers do not have to have horse experience, although it helps if you’ve been around them.  We train our volunteers, so no experience is required. Volunteers can be children over the age of ten if they are accompanied by an adult and if they have signed permission from their parent or guardian. Many of our best cones setters are young people!!  We take volunteers of all ages and abilities, and it is a great way to learn, to give back, or to get up close to the action.


In case you need some coaxing to join us as a volunteer, check this out from “Behind The Bit,” a dressage-related blog:

So Why Volunteer?

Take it from a recovering non-volunteer, the first step is to admit you have a problem. The second step is knowing the benefits of volunteering…

  • Volunteering is knowledge. Interact with people who know the sport from all perspectives — judges, technical delegates, other volunteers.
  • Volunteering is social. You’ll be amazed at how many people you meet and how friendly they are.
  • Volunteering is skill-building. Scoring sounds boring but it isn’t! You learn how scores are calculated, you get a better understanding of how co-efficients affect the bottom line score, you see how one bad score doesn’t wreck an otherwise good test, and you see how ties are handled — other stuff too.
  • Volunteering is giving back. When you show, don’t you feel gratitude for the folks that go to all the trouble to make it happen? What a great opportunity to give back.

From http://www.behindthebitblog.com/2011/01/recovering-non-volunteer-volunteers.html

If our club-wide webinar (Navigating 101 with Marc Johnson, January 2011) has inspired you, now you can get more familiar with the details. One of the best ways to get a good feel for what a navigator needs to know is to volunteer at an event. AND WE HAVE JUST THE EVENT!


The CVDC Driving Trial in June relies on an army of volunteers, and that army WANTS YOU! (This year’s date: June 11, 2011.) The event is held at a State Park (Haddam Meadows), which means that we can’t set up weeks in advance. CVDC rolls in like the circus coming to town. We set up in the middle of the week (June 9 & 10), we run a high quality ADS-recognized show all day Saturday (June 11), and, on Sunday (June 12), we offer a Fun Day specifically intended for volunteers (and others) to play! By Monday, the circus has to fold up and go away, leaving no trace behind.

We need people to help set up (create hazards, layout dressage ring, set up cones, and many other preparatory items). We need ring stewards, hazard observers and judges, and crossing guards. We need clean up, tear down, trailer area and vet assistants. We need YOU!!

And guess what: you will learn SO MUCH!

If you haven’t volunteered before, now’s the time. If you think you will want to compete, just not this year, you can’t beat this for a dry run. If you are planning on competing, you can still help in other ways.