Sunday, July 14: Carriage Driving Horse Show at North Stonington Fair

Sun., July 14, 2019 9:00 Registration; 10:00 Start Timecvdc-nostonfair
North Stonington Agricultural Fair
21 Wyassup Road
North Stonington, Connecticut 06359

The North Stonington Agricultural Fair is sponsored by the North Stonington Community Grange and the North Stonington Volunteer Fire Department and is known for providing the finest in entertainment, food, and wholesome fun for the entire family.

For many years the Fair has included the Working Farm Draft Horse Show. This year the name has been changed to the Carriage Driving Horse Show and the format will include a variety of driving horses, draft horses, ponies and Very Small Equines (VSE). It will be organized by the Connecticut Valley Driving Club, whose mission is to preserve the tradition of driving horses and carriages. Please join us as we present the general public with a wide variety of driving turnouts and disciplines.


For more information contact: Peter Von Halem (860-889-6467) or Beth Holland (860-861-7031).

Class List – there will be a lunch break as appropriate, but in any case before Scurry and Cones to allow for set-up:

> Ladies to Drive – All
> Gentlemen to Drive – All
> Open to Drive (VSE and ponies)
> Open to Drive (horses / drafts)
> Open to Drive (pairs)
> Costume Class
> Scurry (VSE and ponies)
> Scurry (horses / drafts)
> Cones Course

>> Driver of the Day will be awarded.

Hard Hats are required for anyone on the carriage while driving any of the Scurry Classes or Cones Course. Drivers should be appropriately dressed. Slacks and shirts are preferable to t-shirts and cut-off jeans. Prize Money and Six Ribbons will be awarded for each class. Show management may combine, divide or eliminate classes as entries warrant. Proof of negative Coggins/Rabies shot required

For more information contact: Peter Von Halem (860-889-6467) or Beth Holland (860-861-7031).

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