The CT Valley Driving Club will be holding a DRIVING DERBY on Saturday, October 15, 2016 at Mitchell Farm located at 300 East Haddam Road (Rte 82) in Salem, CT. The gate opens at 8am; Drivers meeting at 9am; Course walk at 10am; First Entrant at 11am. Our Judge and Advisor is Jeff Morse. We will be using ADS Rules as a guide for this first Derby. The Entry Fee is $50 with a portion going to Mitchell Farm as a donation.

Click here for entry form.

Some history: Since we decided to suspend the Horse Driving Trials that we had held in June for the last 10 years or so, we have been looking for other ways of engaging our members and other drivers in new and educational activities. One of the things that we did was to start holding a Scurry in the fall. This has been well attended. Recently several of our members took part in a Driving Derby. Like the Scurry, a Driving Derby is less formal than an HDT or CDE. Unlike the Scurry, there are two obstacles to negotiate as well as several cones. See the ADS rulebook for more information (click here, search for “derby”).

What is a Driving Derby: Briefly a Derby is a timed competition through cones and obstacles. The course generally starts with a few cones to navigate; then an obstacle; a few more cones, another obstacle, and ending with several more cones. It can be done indoors or outdoors. One of our members described it as a Horse Driving Trial without the Dressage section. It is also different from an HDT in that there is not a marathon section. Also, as an educational piece, competitors can run the course more than once. This gives the competitor a chance to learn from the first run and apply this new knowledge to the second run.

We expect this to be a fun new event and look forward to seeing you there. Please contact Marguerite Hayber at with any questions and to enter.

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