Nov 1: Annual Meeting and Rein Handling

reinboard-paintingThis coming Saturday, November 1st 2014  is the Annual Meeting of the CVDC starting at 6.30 pm at the East Haddam Grange, 488 Town St. East Haddam, CT06423. Non-members are also welcome to attend, although not as voting participants during the formal meeting portion of the evening.

The gourmets among you will be glad to hear that it is a pot luck supper meeting. The main item on the agenda is the “reelection” of officers. It seems they have all agreed to run again. However nominations from the floor are allowed and welcome. So here is your last chance, don’t be shy.

Also at this meeting Randy Sabatino is planning a rein handling clinic. Randy has this to say: “Our program for Saturday evening November 1st involves learning about proper contact and balance when driving your horse(s). We will use the chairs at the Grange and your own driving reins to accomplish this.  The idea for this program came from Hardy Zantke, who graciously gave us permission to use his ideas…  We are also hoping to get an explanation of proper thickness of reins and how to hold them.”

Bring your favorite driving lines (and maybe your gloves) along with your pot luck to the meeting. Come one, come all!  This should be good educational fun!

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