2014 Event Day Volunteers


Saturday, May 31, 2014
CVDC Horse Driving Trial Event Day

Organizers: Bill & Nancy Lawson
Official Third Hand: Tom Wilcox
Secretary: Marguerite Hayber
Judge Steward: Randy Sabatino

AM Crew: 8:00am (Meet at Dressage/Cones as assigned)

5:45 AM Parking: Henry Tarryk
Trailer Safety Steward: Dick Mangino

Dressage Chair: Cynthia Bliven
Dressage Gate Steward: Rita Bellinger
Dressage Scribe: Cynthia Bliven
Dressage Crew: Erica Robb (as needed)

Cones Chair: Kathie Rindge
Cones Gate Steward: Dana Rindge
Cones Radio Relay 1: Carolyn McEvitt
Cones Radio Relay 2: Hebron 4-H #1
Cones Wheel Measurers (2): Hebron 4-H #2 and #3
Cones Setters: Hebron 4-H #4 through 10

Runner (scores & refreshments):Bill Lawson

Scorekeeper: Jan Frick
Scorekeeper’s asst: Jaye Winkler

PM Crew: 12pm Mandatory Briefing for all pm crew at Center Tent

Radios Assistant/Runner: Nancy Franklin

Start Timers: Beth Bigge
Start Asst: Randy Sabatino
End Timer: Ray Frick

Obstacles – team groupings and locations are flexible:
Team A: Kathie Rindge, Dana Rindge, Steve Mazeau
Team B: Rita Bellinger, Nancy Cleary, Erica Robb
Team C: Cynthia Bliven, Hannah Orsagh, [Andrea Stanton]
Team D: Lynn Warren, Tom Wilcox, [Deb Hansen]

Crossing Guards: Charlotte Gelston & Sheila Oates
Vet Box Asst: Linda Pershaec & Alexis Wainwright

Photography: Shoot That Horse! (Lisa Cenis)

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