SATURDAY – 10 am to approx 3 pm

Jerry Trapani brings a lifetime of experience with horses, carriages, farriery and more. His talks are always well attended, and you won’t want to miss this all day event. Topics include hooves and hoofcare, both shod and barefoot, carriages and harnesses, and the CAA proficiency test process. Potluck lunch.
CVDC membership or donation required.
Come for an hour or stay all day! Please bring a dish to share.
About Jerry:  An accomplished Whip and “Horseaholic”, he enjoys driving his team of 4 black Morgans, and riding them as well, with his wife and friend of 34 years, Rita, from their home on Long Island, Shadbelly Farm. In 1985, he authored the book “Equine Hoof Care,” published by Arco Press. Now out of print, it sold over 35,000 copies worldwide. Certified by The American Farriers Association, The Guild of Professional Farriers and the Brotherhood of Professional Farriers, he has written many articles for magazines and books and is a popular speaker on many equine topics.  Jerry has been elected to the board of the Carriage Association of America and was the safety committee chair and is now the Carriage Showcase Committee co-chair. He has helped design several successful carts and carriages. He has also completed the Carriage Association of America’s highest level of Driver’s Proficiency and is a certified instructor and evaluator.  He also does carriage and harness appraisals and has been an expert witness in several equine- related cases. He and Rita judge at dressage, events and sleigh rallies and do clinics for all levels of equestrians. He was the founding president of the Paumanok Driving Club and the Vice Chairman of the Friends of Connetquot on Long Island.

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