Feb 4: Bevin Brothers, Sleigh Bell Manufacturers

    East Haddam Grange ~ 6:30 pm ~ Potluck followed by program Bevin Brothers, one of the oldest continuously operated factories in Connecticut (making hand-crafted bells since 1832), is the last remnant of a once-thriving industry that earned East Hampton the nickname “Bell Town, USA.” East Hampton once produced 90 percent of the world’s [...]

Nancy Altrui

Nancy Altrui, one of the founding members of the Connecticut Valley Driving Club, passed away on Wed, Jan 25, 2012, at the age of 83. Nancy was, by all accounts, a real character. Stories abound of her exploits, and of course, many of those are horse-related. Nancy and her Morgan, Bay State Heather, were frequent [...]


EAST HADDAM GRANGE ~ 6:30 ~ POTLUCK You know you have to make time to clean and inspect your harness. You know you need an incentive to do it. Don’t wait until driving season, the winter season is a great time to get to it! Bring your harness, bridle (saddle, if you like). That old [...]