Nov 5: Holly Pulsifer Talks Driving!

November 5th ~  6:30 PM
East Haddam Grange
Potluck followed by Program & Meeting

An accomplished horsewoman, both in riding and driving, Holly Pulsifer was instrumental in the development of the ADS and running competitions from the earliest years. She has been involved with the sport since 1974, when she was one of the organizers of Myopia CDE, which spanned 25 consecutive years. She continues to organize the Waldingfield HDT, which began in 1988. Holly has an impressive list of judging qualifications, both national and international, and serves as ADS judge and TD at events. She is active in the ADS and the Carriage Museum of America, among other groups.

In addition to writing occasional articles, Holly recently co-produced two booklets, “Your First Pleasure Driving Show” and the revised “Your First Marathon” (and will be bringing copies to purchase).

Holly is a frequent speaker about a variety of topics, including coaches and coaching in the 19th century, and the history of combined driving. She will bring a slideshow to discuss the growth and evolution of international competition through the decades, and how it has affected drivers in all areas, competitive, pleasure and recreational.

 There will be lots to think about and lots to laugh over (those early years were nothing like today!).  We look forward to seeing you there!

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