Sunday, June 12: Fun Day 2011

How often do you get the chance to try your reinsmanship in cones or figure out different ways to go through a hazard? This is your chance!

Fun Day was originally conceived as a way to allow volunteers to “play” on the course after the competition. We hope that many of our helpers, who are so busy in the days leading up to the event, will have a chance to come. Of course, we open it up to all comers, so don’t be shy if you didn’t volunteer, this course is still for you. (Non-volunteers pay a small $10 fee.)

We also are fortunate to be able to arrange clinic sessions with the event’s officials, who may not be regular visitors to our area. This year’s Judge, Francois Bergeron, and TD, Marcie Quist, will be available for lessons on Fun Day. Think of all that space you have to work in!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity. Click here for the Fun Day flier. We’ll see you there!

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