May 7: Combined Driving Explained

Have you signed up for our June Driving Trial but not sure what you’ve gotten yourself into? Want to know how to get from the dressage ring to the cones? And then make it through the hazards? In one piece? Join us for this lively discussion, led by Henry Tarryk, of what to expect, how [...]

Sunday, June 12: Fun Day 2011

How often do you get the chance to try your reinsmanship in cones or figure out different ways to go through a hazard? This is your chance! Fun Day was originally conceived as a way to allow volunteers to “play” on the course after the competition. We hope that many of our helpers, who are [...]

Equine Chiropractic Care – Workshop & Clinic April 23

On April 23, Dr. Kaitlyn Shaughnessy will host a workshop and clinic designed to provide more information as well as exercises you can do to help your horse stay straight and sound. After the workshop, she will be available to adjust your horse (and/or dog) – it doesn’t get any easier than that! Details below, [...]