Good Times at Haddam Meadows

CVDC’s Horse Driving Trail, held on June 12, 2010, brought 26 entries from near and far for some good driving and good fun.

Driving Cones Course, 2010

Our judges, ADS judge Dana Bright and learner judge Susan Koso, scrutinized and critiqued their way through the morning dressage sessions, and Technical Delegate Craig Kellogg did the honors over on the cones course.  In spite of the beautiful clear morning, just as the mini’s set out on their marathon course, the heavens opened and it poured. Volunteers peered at their stopwatches from under soggy hats while competitors stuck to business. After all, there’s only so wet you can get, then you can’t get any wetter! The footing remained good and eventually, the rain did stop. When the dust (or raindrops, if you prefer) had settled, people were still smiling and still happy to have had a good day.

The following day, June 13, was the club’s annual post-driving trial Fun Day. Some folks had clinic lessons with Dana or Craig, while others brought their horses to “play” in the big field, in the dressage ring, around the cones and in the obstacles. We had a wide variety of turnouts for Fun Day, from several VSE’s to a couple of people with their Morgans to Peter Von Halem’s four-in-hand. Even a standard donkey was seen happily driving around the grounds.

If you missed the fun this year, keep an eye out for us next year. Competing or volunteering, you’ll have a blast!

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